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A/SLC/147 Solemn Proclamation

In response to the misleading and dafamatory expressions made by several foreigners in the social media recently relating to our planning application of caravans and leisure farm, we regard such behaviour as a commercial attack rather than an environmental issue. “ Our Application Site is situated at Formed/Agriculture Lands but NOT in Wetlands and is in Pui O NOT in Ham Tin ” “ Greening 85% of 50,000 sq.ft land which is now covered with scrap metal and waste material is an environmental movement. We are doing the right thing to the countryside. ” Purpose of the application : To convert the existing brownfield into a green zone, enhancing the management of land, promotion of family activities, to educate the youth of green activity, farming, to provide a gathering place for the community, to increase the local occupation rate and promote the local economic. Summary of the present planning application: 1. Applicant : JK Group Ltd

2. Area : 4,993 m2 includes : - Green zone 4,218 m2

- Garden Center, Caravan & Storage 749 m2

3. No.of Landlord : 14 ( JK Group Ltd is none of them )

4. Lands under application : Three Parts : - GardenPlus which has been operating for 8 years. - A scrap metal dumping site existing for 6 years. - An organic farm under agriculture land rehabilitation for 4 years

Application site as shown in the following diagram :

Comparison of the diagram & the aerial photograph, the application site is not wetlands.

Look closely, the area within the red circle is the application site.

Proposal landscaping

Wrong & misleading information as below :

The locations shown in the pictures above are beyond the application site. Suspected defamation, misrepresentation & commercial attack : According to legal opinion, the following messages are suspected to have caused defamation and false report. Those spreading such messages please prepare your evidence to support, or else you should withdraw and apologize openly. We will take legal action and claim for the loss involved.

The fence wall damaged by the typhoon :

The damaged wall is not under the management of GardenPlus or JK Group. The land is not the property of our company as well. We regret to say that we are not in the position to take any action at the present stage.

Lastly, we would like to point out the following to the public: 1. All the green land shown in the picture below is private land, and it is NOT wetland.

2. If the application is refused, the land within the application site will become brownfield but definitely not grassland or growing green plant. In fact, over 40,000 sq.ft out of 50,000 sq.ft become green zone is absolutely an environmental protection project. As to the query of making money, this is no dispute that running any kinds of business needs money as running cost. Rumour end with Sage. If you really care about this case, you may 1. Contact us direct for an in-depth understanding. 2. Study the case at the Town Planning Board at North Point. 3. Click into JK Group Ltd 26th September 2017 中英文版本文義如有歧異,以文件之中文版本為準。 In case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the original Chinese text, however, the Chinese text shall prevail.

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